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Смешивание порошкообразных или твёрдых продуктов

 Смешивание порошкообразных или твёрдых продуктов

On June 11-12, INOXPA hosted a training session on mixing of solids. The participants had the opportunity to witness firsthand various tests: suction of solids by vacuum, mixing of solids, mixing of solids with liquids using blenders to obtain products of different viscosities.   

FLUINOX, company of the INOXPA Group, specialized in design and manufacture of equipment for unloading, storage and dosing of solids, also participated in the training session. 

Our experts completed the session with the presentations on specific systems and case studies. Once again, the event has turned out to be a great opportunity to understand the real needs of our customers and to offer them tailor-made solutions.

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